Cheers to a Happy Holiday!

I'm heading out to visit family and friends over the holiday...It's been a busy month, but I couldn't leave without giving you my Winter Trend List!  Winter is in full effect (for most) and fall trends are trickling along into winter, but there are some add-ins for the coldest time of the year!  Enjoy!

1 Sequins & Sparkle
Yes, it's still happening and it's getting bigger and more bold.  Whether on a sweater, a top, your accessories, nails or eyeshadow, this is the hottest trend right now!  Embrace it, because it will be long gone soon and you will have missed your perfect excuse and opportunity to look all sparkly!
F21 is offering free shipping on orders over $50

F21 is offering free shipping on orders over $50

Zappos offers free overnight shipping and free returns

Zappos offers free overnight shipping and free returns

Zappos offers free overnight shipping and free returns

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2 Cropped slacks
I'm not talking capris.  These hit right at/or just above your ankle.  They are perfect to pair with holiday sweaters, a sequin tank & blazer, and basically anything and everything.  They are a great basic to have - especially in black and they really do a perfect job at showing off an amazing pair of heels.  They also are a great way to look casual and polished.  Add a top of your choice with flats and a few accessories for work, lunch, shopping or just an errand day. 
Banana is offering 30% off today only (12/22) with code: BRWINTER

Banana is offering 30% off today only (12/22) with code: BRWINTER

Old Navy offers free (ground) shipping on orders over $50

3 Bold colors
Orange, Red, Cobalt Blue, Yellow, Bright Purple Emerald Green - Bold color will really punch up an outfit.  Whether it be a colored leather band watch, a purse, a blazer, shoes, anything!  You can even wear two colors together... because color blocking is still on trend for winter.

 Nordstrom offers free shipping &returns

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Nordstrom offers free shipping & returns

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4 Neutrals along with white, white and more white
Tops, cardis, jackets, skirts, scarves, nail polish, blazers, pants.  Every shade of white, bone, ecru, ivory, off-white, winter white, etc.  Funny to have bold colors and neutrals making their way onto the same trend-list, but the fashion world is really doing its best to apply to everyone lately - and it's doing a pretty good job.

5 Blazers (yes, they are still going strong.  I just want to really emphasize this one for those of you who have yet to "take the plunge".)
If you read "The Classic Blazer" you know my stance on this.  Everyone should have (at least) one.  So easy to wear with jeans, colored jeans, the new short slacks, dresses, and even shorts (although let's save that for the summer)!
Charlotte Russe is offering free shipping when you spend over $60

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6pm offers free shipping

6 Maxi skirts/dresses
These have held strong since this last summer and they are gorgeous!  Throw on a maxi jersey skirt with a pair of boots, a shirt you love, a cardi buttoned, throw a skinny belt around your waist (over the cardi) add a scarf and you've got yourself an outfit!  You can even take one of your maxi-dresses from summer, add  a sweater to it, maybe a thick waist belt, boots and call it winter.  
Free People is offering free shipping on orders over $150

Target offers free shipping over $50

Zappos offers free overnight shipping and free returns

Zappos offers free overnight shipping and free returns

Zappos offers free overnight shipping and free returns
*Michael Stars is one of my absolute FAVORITE brands.  It's worth every penny.  Great quality and amazingly comfortable fabrics.  Plus they are mostly basics which means you will get your use out of them. 

7 Leather
(This is my favorite current trend!)
Leather jackets are still going, but now we are moving into color!  Blues, greens, various browns... Leather pants, leather pencil skirts - is there anything more sexy than a leather pencil skirt?!  Keep everything else classic and simple.  Let your leather do the work.  Minimal accessories (although a little flash is great) and solid colors are best for shoes, etc.  Although a print scarf might be a great addition! 
 Zappos offers free overnight shipping and free returns

F21 offers free shipping on orders over $50

 F21 offers free shipping on orders over $50

8 Leggings
Add a sweater, boots and earrings - that's it!  MattyM are the best leggings I have ever found. 
They aren't as easy to find on line as I thought, but there are tons on ebay.  Our Costco had them very briefly and I wish I had bought 20 pairs.  They are thick and stretchy with a nice wide band and long legs.  They are fabulous.  Target has great mossimo leggings which are nice, but cotton, so hang them to dry because if they're black they will fade. 

9  Collar button down shirts and shirt dresses
It's the easiest way to look polished and still be comfortable.  Think Ralph Lauren.  It's easy, classic, looks sophisticated, but not over the top.  You can pair the shirts with your new crop slacks and leopard flats.  Or a dress with a pair of riding boots and possibly tights.  Add a sparkly thin headband to really bring out your inner prepster!  Easy and great for just about any and and all occasions including work!
 RL offers free shipping over $195

JCPenny offers free shipping on orders over $69 

Accessories (lots to cover)
-Stud earrings!  These are so easy to find right now (buy tons of them) and easily pair with a great statement necklace (because they don't compete with each other). 
-Statement necklaces are getting more popular and in so many varieties there has to be at least one you have-to-have!
-BIG earrings.  They seem to get bigger and bigger every year.  The long long feather earrings look fabulous on... although daunting in the store.  If you're scared to try them, wear your hair down and get a color close to your hair (instead of that bright red pair that looks so cool).
Gold, Leather band, Chrome, Colored, Plastic - or all of the above.  As long as it's big, it's in.  Watches didn't get any love for so long because yes, we all have cell phones.  But they are so classy and can add that extra little 'something' to an easy laid back jeans look.
Colored, flashy, beautiful and bright.  I'm not talking 'prom jewelry' here.  Classy yet bold and fun!
Stack 'em!  Different colors, metals, flashy and printed... mix it up and stack it up!
Big and bold - there are rhinestone tiger-heads that would really take your party outfit up a notch, or a big gold ring for drinks with the girls.  If you're going to wear a statement ring, be sure your nails are in tip-top shape. 
Headbands with shine, feathers, flowers, and more are everywhere!  Pop one in your hair for a little something on a casual day, or toss in Princess Kate inspired comb when you head out to your next holiday party.  Such an easy way to make a statement and pep up an outfit.

Glitter-y eyeshadows, black eyeliner: dark eyes.  Nude/natural lips.  Bright blushes.  Good highlighters.  OR on the other side of the spectrum is red lips, and bold lashes.  You pick!
So many colors to choose from.  Charcoal is my current fave.  Dark greens, greys, deep flat purples, and browns.  Add a colored glitter over the top before you head out for a night on the town.  Pink glitter polish over red polish (I just put purple glitter over the charcoal and it's pretty incredible), blue glitter over pink polish, mix it up!  You can take it off after the weekend if you're afraid to sport it at the grocery store. 

Braids, buns & ponytails... could life be any easier?!

Keeping on track from Fall into Winter: tights, lace within tops and boots are all still working it!  Have fun doing it up this holiday season while you have a perfect excuse!  And send me pics of your holiday outfits so I can show off how awesome you look (I promise to only show neck down photos)!

Okay, I'm outta here!  Have a great holiday... and remember, the Bohemian Jones giveaway ends on Christmas Eve 12.24.  Be sure to "Like" both:
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From my family to yours, I wish you, your family & friends a very Merry Christmas!! 
All my love, The Stay at Home Stylist


Deee-lish Part 2

Cake Squares
(although they really are rectangles, but whatever I didn't name them.)
Another famous family recipe!  My Mom's recipe actually says "Coconut Squares", but I make some with coconut, some with salted peanuts, some with almond slivers.  You can basically use any topping that you prefer.

1 box white cake mix (& ingredients on the back of the box to make the cake)
1 box powdered sugar
1/2c boiled hot coffee (the stronger the better)
1tsp butter
1 can Hershey's syrup
Topping of your choice.  If you're using coconut, buy a bag of the fine shredded stuff and put it in the freezer to make it more user-friendly.

Follow box instructions to make the white cake batter.  Pour batter evenly into a 12x17 pan (non-stick is best, or use parchment paper).  Any long big pan will work, as long as it has about a 1" lip on it.  Usually will bake a little quicker this way than what the box says, so keep an eye on it and do it for about 3/4 the time.
After the cake is done, put in the fridge to cool
Once cooled, cut into about 1x3 inch rectangles
In a sauce pan, combine:
The whole box of powdered sugar
1/2c boiled hot coffee
1tsp butter
1 can Hershey's syrup
Heat over med/med-high heat until all ingredients are combined and there are no sugar lumps.  Will be a nice runny type chocolate sauce.

Now it's time to make your stations!
Station 1 - cake squares
Station 2 - chocolate sauce (I usually use something flat like a pyrex baking dish for the chocolate.  You don't have to use it all at once.  Use half first so the cake doesn't get soggy)
Station 3 - topping (same type of dish, something flat and kind of long - and with sides is less messy).
Last is a cooling rack or a piece of parchment paper to place your goodies to dry
 Take a cake square (rectangle), roll it in the chocolate sauce, covering all 4 sides (don't worry about the ends), then roll in your topping and place on your cooling rack to dry.  These are fun to make.  Kind of messy, but well worth it!  My favorite is with chopped salted peanuts, but coconut is still the original.

I find these are best kept in the fridge, but are fine left out during parties and stuff like that.  I just wouldn't suggest leaving them out overnight - if there are any left-over! 

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