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It's no secret that I love MAXI dresses & skirts!  And they are IN baby!  But a lot of questions are coming up about them:

Am I too short to wear a maxi?

Do you have to be super skinny to wear a maxi?

Where would I wear a maxi?

How do I wear a maxi?

No one is too short to wear a maxi, but if you buy one that is way too long, it would be a good idea to have it hemmed. 

You don't have to look like a Victoria's Secret model to wear a maxi dress or skirt.  Think about the fit when you try it on and just be sure it fits, meaning isn't too tight or too loose and of course isn't too short. 

You can wear a maxi anywhere! 

How to wear a maxi:
There are so many options here because there are dressy dresses, casual dresses, vacation-ish dresses and the same goes for the skirt options.  I put together examples of places you might wear one, ideas on what to wear them with and also added some pictures (thank you to pinterest and polyvore in advance for making that part easy!).  Before I begin, let me first start by saying that there are a couple of items that I think look great with any and all maxi dresses & skirts: a simple jean jacket and FLAT sandals.  To me heels and wedges just look a little "much" if you know what I'm saying.  The skirts can follow the same rules as the dresses, just add a tank with the following options. 

Okay, let's get on with it...

So, for something like say a baby shower would be a great place to wear a maxi dress.  Add maybe a belt for a more polished look, a jean jacket or scarf (depending on the weather), a pair of sandals, some earrings and a few bangles. 
For something a little more conservative like say a parent/teacher conference, church, a meeting: Maxi dress is an easy way to go.  Add a cardigan or blazer and top it with a belt around the waist for some structure and sophistication, some embellished sandals or even ballet flats (if it doesn't feel sandal-appropriate), simple earrings and a fabulous watch.

 A regular on my schedule (and should be on yours) is girl time which could include brunch, lunch, dinner, whatever.  This is a great time to try out a maxi for the fist time - with friends!  Toss on a stack of bangles, some sandals, great earrings and a fabulous purse.  Add a jean jacket for cooler weather or a thin scarf for warmer weather. 
For those who are still in the 'winter season', toss on a maxi skirt with a pair of your favorite boots, a long sleeved tee or two, a scarf, earrings and a cross-body bag.
A party is always a great place for a dress!  Add some fancy sandals, a stack of bangles, nice earrings and a big awesome clutch.  Easy enough!
Fancy-schmancy stuff, add a blazer, top with a belt over the blazer, some great earrings, a great clutch and nice sandals (this might be an exception to the flats rule).

Anytime in the summer time: errands, shopping, date night, girl time, whatever... match a simple maxi with some sandals, sunglasses, bangles, statement earrings, maybe a ring, and add a great tote.
Mixing patterns is a lot of fun right now. Take a striped dress (say b&w) and add a floral cardigan or top with a solid belt over the waist. Keep your accessories and sandals super simple and solid for this look.
My favorite look by far is a simple white ribbed tank or tee, a maxi skirt, sandals, and a great necklace or scarf.  Add small earrings if it's a statement necklace or big fun earrings if you're doing a scarf and toss on a few bangles. 

You could do the color blocking trend by pairing a sold color maxi skirt with a different solid color tank.  Add some bangles, earrings, sandals and you're good to go!

If you buy a maxi dress and want to wear it a few different ways instead of just the dress alone, mix it up by trying out the following:
-Add a belt
-Add a jacket/cardigan/blazer
-Take that button down jean shirt and put it on over your dress, cuff the sleeves and toss a belt over it around your waist
-Put on one of those off-the-shoulder tops or sweaters and let it hang on one side if it's a strapless or thin strap dress

A few additional notes:

Strapless dresses always look great with a bold necklace.

If the dress doesn't have structure the way you want it, toss a belt (wide or skinny belts both work - whatever you think looks best) around the waist.  Color block by using contrasting colors (your dress one color, your belt another).  You're looking to take the dress from moo-moo to fabulous.    

Go through your closet and see what you have that might complement a maxi on you. 

There are solid maxis, printed maxis, skirts and dresses in all types of materials and even dresses that turn into skirts - talk about a great idea!  Remember the best way to go about finding what you like is to try them on and if you order on line, follow the size chart for the best fit.  If you find one you love and it's really long, have it shortened by a tailor.  Even most dry-cleaners have an in-house alterations specialist.  If you don't have time and you want to wear it right away, go to the craft store and buy hemming tape for a quick fix.     

And last but not least, add a hat for goodness sakes.  Hats are great accessories!  Fedoras and sun hats look adorable with maxis.  Add some big earrings, bangles and sandals for a complete look - all while protecting that beautiful face of yours from the sun!  (This doesn't mean you can skip the sun-block in your routine.)

More pictures... 
*Some of these are a little over the top, but it's really just to give you ideas and get you maxi-brain-storming.  I don't think you need to go out and buy a Carolina Herrera dress, but to show how a grey and white (neutral) print dress would look with a bright belt is the idea I'm going for here.



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  1. AWESOME post lady!!! I want all of these outfits right now. Thanks again for all the information too



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