Some new favorites!

Since I've been MIA for a while, I thought I'd share a list of my current favorites.  There are many new fabulous products I have managed to find from hair stuff to kid products to gym goods that I am loving!  And as always the product links are attached to the pictures... for your shopping pleasure!

For the face:
Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer with spf 20
$19 - $58
This stuff is phenomenal!  It's a 2 in 1 which = time saver.  And who could use a quick beauty routine?  Um everyone.  It's perfect for the summer when you still want to wear make-up, but not 'make-up'.  It gives just enough coverage, it's lightweight, comes in a variety of colors, also available in an Oil Free version and even has SPF!  What more could you want from a tinted moisturizer?

Make Up For Ever HD Microperfecting Primer (in Color 0)
This is by far the best primer I have used.  It's extremely light and you need just a teeny tiny bit to cover your whole face.  It doesn't have that silicone feeling to it... more like watered down lotion, but works like a gem and I am in love!  Make Up For Ever was a brand a friend told me about long ago and when I stumbled upon it at Sephora I was pleasantly surprised.  The line has fantastic foundations and high pigment eye shadows that far surpass many of the other brands out there.  This primer is available in 7 tones to address all kinds of skin types.  (Don't ask me what happened to Color 3, I have no clue.)
Color 0: Neutral-adds natural luminosity to the complexion
Color 1: Green - minimizes redness - ideal for skin with rosacea
Color 2: Mauve - counteracts sallow undertones
Color 4: Caramel - combats ashiness in medium to dark skin tones/warms golden tones
Color 5: Blue - adds radiance to fair skin/ reduces minor imperfections
Color 6: Yellow - lightens dark complexions
Color 7: Pink - brightens the complexion/ counteracts sallow undertones

Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub 
Can be found at Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and such like stores.
I'm addicted to exfoliating scrubs.  I know better than to use the kind that are heavily grainy because they tear up the surface of your skin (even though you can't see it) but I do (did) anyway.  I have used numerous exfoliating products with beads, sand-like substances, sugar and others that have chemical exfoliants in them.  This one is my new favorite and at $7, it's truly a bargain.  I use it in the morning and at night and I have recommended it to friends who are very satisfied with it as well.  The packaging says: "Good for everyday use and gentle enough for sensitive skin".  It is also soap-free, oil-free, hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic.
*Side note: I'll never forget that Christy Brinkley credits her incredibly-young-looking skin to exfoliating.  She mentioned that she believes the reason men have such fabulous skin is from shaving and "constant turn-over of skin".  Whether it be true or not, it stuck with me and I am also an exfoliating believer.   

T.N. Dickinson's Witch Hazel
Found it at Target
A staple in my cleansing routine.  After I wash my face, I pour some in my hand and slap it on like after-shave.  You could use a cotton ball/pad, but I find that just tapping it on and letting it dry feels better than forcing it into my skin.  It's 100% natural and states that it is "Gentle Relief For: Oily, Irritated, Red, Damaged, Blemished, or Inflamed Skin".  Good stuff.

Puritan's Pride Retinol Cream
$17.99 - $59.98
This is truly a gem of a product.  My mom-in-law had somehow managed to come across this pot of gold and gave me a jar of it to try out.  I was hooked from the beginning.  I use a very light amount on my skin before primer and make-up and a heavier amount at night after cleanser & toner.  My skin looks and feels like it is literally glowing in the morning (even if I had one too many glasses of pinot the night before).  It has 100,000 IU per ounce of Vitamin A.  Vitamin A can be potent when it is in the retinol form. It is used in many anti-aging creams to diminish and prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The retinol stimulates collagen production to help prevent the signs of aging. Collagen is what gives your skin its youthful appearance.  As you age, collagen and elastin in our skin naturally breaks down. Collagen helps skin to look plump and healthy!  Besides having great looking & feeling skin, this stuff is a STEAL!  And the more you buy, the more you save!
4oz cream:
buy 1 get 1 free (2) for $17.99 or
buy 2 get 3 free (5) for $35.98
8oz cream:
buy 1 get 1 free (2) for $29.99
buy 2 get 3 free (5) for $59.98

Nars lip gloss in Spring Break
The perfect nude gloss.

Christian Dior Diorskin Nude Skin Perfecting Hydrating Concealer
Incredible & light coverage.  I have searched the globe for a concealer this good.  Imagine my surprise when after an hour in Sephora, I found the perfect concealer.  It's available in 4 shades and bonus: it's clinically proven to decrease undereye puffs by 22% after 4 weeks!

For the 'do:
Loreal Elnett Satin Unscented Extra Stong Hold Hairspray
$6.99 - $17ish
(Found it at Target)
Extremely lightweight and not that cement hold.  Great for every day styling.  I wouldn't suggest for updo's since it's hold isn't as heavy as you might want for that type of style.  

Catwalk by TIGI Volume Collection 'Your Highness' Weightless Shine Spray
If you're going to curl your hair, this product is the go-to!  After drying, spray this on each strand before curling.  It somehow 'grabs' your hair almost to give it hold when your hair would otherwise be 'too-clean' to style, without weighing it down.  Plus it smells lovely.

For the gym:
Smart Source water bottle
$12 - $30 (for 3)
I try to do as many things as I can to be eco-friendly and this is one of them.  Instead of buying a case of water, I re-fill my handy dandy stainless steel water bottle.  It's got a convenient carry handle and comes with an insulated case to keep liquids cold/warm.  BPA free and dishwasher safe.  It is also the first non-plastic water bottle I've found that doesn't give that metallic taste to my water.  I found a three pack at my local Costco for right around $15 (the lid doesn't hold on one of the 3 if tipped, so be sure to check before you douse your entire gym bag like I did).

For the kiddos:
Disney Baby Daily Renewal Lavender and Chamomile Wash & Lotions
$5ish each
I found it at WalMart.  Also available at CVS and probably Target and other drug stores (Babies R Us has a buy 2 get 1 free promo through May 3rd!)
I'm always on the hunt for good products for the kiddos too.  I found these when shopping for some new bath stuff for the girls.  Since they are all into Pooh Bear I grabbed them up.  I love both the wash and the lotion plus the girlies are entertained with the pictures on the bottles which makes it all the more fun.  The wash is Sulfate free, Paraben free and Tear free.  The Lotion is Paraben free and Dermatologist tested.

Earth Monkey's bibs & porta-pad

they fold up like this...

(blue and tan colors also available)
Both the bibs and the porta-pads are light weight, water resistant, machine washable, and best of all they fold up into a small pouch that I can attach to the diaper bag for easy access.  There are also paci-packs, infant hats, onsies and t-shirts available on the site.  These 2 products have made my life easy and convenient on many occasions.  I don't have to remember to take bibs with me because they're always attached to the diaper bag.  And I don't have to carry around the bulky changing pad that came with my diaper bag and takes up way-too-much room, because I have a changing pad attached to the side of the bag!  These also make great baby shower gifts and could save some sanity for a mom who already has messy babies and toddlers running around.
Bonus: There is a Mom-Blog attached which is run by the two owners of Earth Monkey's who (along with guest contributors) very openly discuss their sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes crazy, and always real, lives as moms and women in their every day journeys.            

Lot's of new stuff for you to check out!  I hope you like everything as much as I do!
Happy Friday!!

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